1 CD | Install
Rp. 10.000


Emulator game terpopuler untuk Linux, berbasis WINE. Pada versi ini diperkaya dengan beragam fitur-fitur baru, mulai dari penyempurnaan grafik serta dukungan terhadap jumlah game yang lebih banyak. Game - game populer seperti Bethesda Softworks’® Elder Scrolls® IV: Oblivion, Electronic Arts’ Battlefield™ 2142 dan Madden™ 2007 termasuk game yang dipastikan didukung oleh versi ini, tidak ketinggalan game online multiplayer Blizzard’s World of WarCraft™.

Teknologi baru pada versi ini antara lain dukungan terhadap GL Shading Language, Shader Model 2.0 yang memungkinkan game - game baru dapat dimainkan dengan grafik yang lebih halus dan detail, Volume textures, dukungan terhadap ekstensi FBO yang baru , memori allocator yang baru, penyempurnaan ALSA (termasuk Dmix dan MMap) yang memungkinkan pemain secara bersamaan tetap dapat mendengarkan musik kesukaan mereka saat game dimainkan, serta beragam improvisasi yang membuat performanya lebih baik dibanding versi sebelumnya (seperti: optimalisasi pada operasi file, dukungan anti alias, penyempurnaan multimedia timer thread, dukungan terhadap CPU Speed dinamis, penyempurnaan D-BUS, penyempurnaan fungsi joystik, penyempurnaan ATI fglrx, dll ), terang Lucas Smiten, Manager Produksi Transgaming - Cedega sebagaimana dilansir dari situs resminya.

Technical Requirements
Rekomendasi Hardware dari TransGaming :

* Linux Kernel 2.4 or higher
* XFree 86 4.0 or higher (4.3 is recommended) or Xorg
* glibc 2.2 or higher
* Suficient hard disk space for the installation of games plus 60MB for Cedega
* nVidia GeForce class video card (recommended)

Cedega 6.0 Feature List :

  • GLSL

· Shader Model 2.0

  • Point size, scaling, sprites
  • Volume textures
  • Floating point textures
  • FBO Re-write

· Support for new FBO extensions

  • New memory allocator
  • Optimized file operations
  • Anti-Aliasing
  • Improved ALSA

· Dmix and MMap

  • Improved multimedia timer thread
  • Dynamic CPU speed support
  • Improved joystick functionality
  • D-Bus improvements
  • Steam improvements
  • Improvements for ATI users
  • Copy Protection improvements (SafeDisc 4.x)
  • Cedega UI Improvements

· Ubuntu Edgy fixes

· GDDB multiple volume support

· Updated GDDB files

· Improved mount handling

· Improved richedit support

  • Networking improvements

Game-Game yg di Dukung :




32bit (1DVD) Rp.15.000
64bit (1DVD) Rp.15.000


MEPIS CANO 2 - Tersedia 2 Versi yaitu :

1. MEPIS CANO 2 - 32 bit
Jalan di semua PC yang beredar saat ini AMD, VIA, Intel(Pentium 2,3,4).

2. MEPIS CANO 2 - 64 bit
Jalan di PC yang mempunyai kemampuan pengolahan 64bit seperti AMD64 dan Intel Pentium 4 64bit(Core2duo).

Mepis Cano 2 merupakan remaster dari SimplyMEPIS 8, Dengan memuat lebih banyak driver (nvidia, intel dll), aplikasi Office,Grafik,Multimedia dan tool.

Mepis Cano 2 juga sudah mengintregasikan KDE 4.2.3 sebagai desktopnya, KDE 4.2.3 Menjadikan Mepis Cano 2 semakin mudah digunakan, tampilannya pun semakin eye candy dan fiture-fiture baru yg menjadikan Mepis Cano 2 semakin PowerFull.

  • MEPIS Cano 2 just works! di desain untuk lebih mudah diginakan bahkan untuk pemula sekalipun
  • MEPIS Cano 2 Dilengkapi pendeteksian hardware yg unix dan powerfull
  • MEPIS Cano 2 LiveDVD bisa digunakan tanpa harus menginstall
  • MEPIS Cano 2 didukung komunitas yg kuat.

Ubuntu Muslim Sabily 9.04

32bit (1 DVD) Rp15.000,-
64bit (1 DVD) Rp15.000,-


Ubuntu Muslim Sabily adalah system operasi gratis, open source yang berasal dari system operasi Ubuntu 9.04, akan tetapi Ubuntu Muslim Sabily posisinya berdiri sendiri.

Ubuntu Muslim Sabily merupakan hasil customizes dari distro Ubuntu dengan memuat software-software bernuansa islami (prayer times, Quran study tool, Kalender Muslim dll) dan juga pada penampilannya yang nuansa islam.

Ubuntu Muslim Sabily juga dilengkapi aplikasi-aplikasi yg cukup lengkap seperti Office Suite, Multimedia, Grafik editing, Game dan banyak lagi.

What's new in this release:
* "hijra" application: Hijri Islamic Calendar tray applet
* mus-haf Othman application : Othman Quran Browser which displays Quranic text in Othmani script style

What's changed:
* new distro name ("Sabily") n all artwork updated to use this name (new usplash,gdm theme,gdm login screen)
* Thwab can now open Shamela books

Main features:
* Parental control tool installed (WebStrict)
* Zekr 0.7.2 (Quran study tool), able to play Quran recitations
* Prayer times apps: Minbar and Firefox 'Pray Times' add-on
* Thwab (encyclopaedia)
* Custom artwork: usplash, login screen, Islamic wallpapers and theme.
* Full support for Arabic language.
* The full version of the DVD contains multimedia, educational and many other useful software.

Fedora 11

Rp. 15.000,-

Fedora 11 description

The next genaration Linux distribution from Red Hat

Fedora is now available from Red Hat and at distinguished mirror sites near you, and is also available in the torrent.

Fedora has expanded in this release to four binary ISO images and four source ISO images, and is available for both x86-64 and i386 and also PPC machines.

The Fedora Project is a Red-Hat-sponsored and community-supported open source project. It is also a proving ground for new technology that may eventually make its way into Red Hat products. It is not a supported product of Red Hat, Inc.

The goal of The Fedora Project is to work with the Linux community to build a complete, general purpose operating system exclusively from free software. Development will be done in a public forum. The project will produce time-based releases of Fedora Core about 2-3 times a year with a public release schedule.

The Red Hat engineering team will continue to participate in the building of Fedora Core and will invite and encourage more outside participation than was possible in Red Hat Linux.

By using this more open process, we hope to provide an operating system that uses free software development practices and is more appealing to the open source community.

What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· 20-second boot time - from the moment you turn on the computer to the login screen; shutdown times were also reduced;
· Default EXT4 install - the Fedora team took quite a bold step as the installation now defaults to this powerful new filesystem; experimental Btrfs support is also available;
· New artwork - beautifully designed from boot to the desktop: birds, wavy ribbons and dark blues are part of the new theme;
· KDE 4.2 - the latest and greatest K Desktop Environment with all its eye-candy included
· GNOME 2.26.1 - though there are no major changes, users will notice Brasero as the default CD/DVD burning tool, some minor interface tweaks, improved filesharing, better Microsoft Outlook support in Evolution and more;
· Xfce 4.6 - many new features make the lightweight desktop environment much more efficient and production-ready;
· Automatic Fonts & Mime Installer - enabling third-party programs automatically install required fonts, codecs or clipart;
· Fingerprint reading - devices that provide this feature are supported in Fedora 11 out of the box and configuring them can be easily done through the Authentication Configuration utility;
· ABRT - the Automatic Bug Reporting Tool is a very easy way to report bugs;
· Nouveau - the open source Nvidia driver is now enabled by default;
· Presto - updating the system will be much quicker as this yum plugin brings support for deltarpms, ensuring that only changed components are dowloaded, not the whole packages;
· Mozilla Firefox 3.5 Beta - a plethora of enhancements to the most popular open source browser makes this a great choice;
· Thunderbird 3 Beta - a great email client with improved performance and better IMAP support;
· Xserver 1.6 - bringing improved performance and stability;
· MiniGW - Windows cross-compiling has never been easier;
· TigerVNC - now the default VNC client;
· GCC 4.4, NetBeans 6.5, Python 2.6 and Git 1.6.2 are sure to increase developing productivity;
· OpenChange - out of the box Microsoft Exchange access;
· Improved Volume Control, now more user-friendly with per-application control and better handling of multiple speaker sets;
· DeviceKit system service, providing better ways to monitor disks through the Palimpsest utility


1DVD-32bit x86 Rp. 25.000,-
1DVD-64bit x86_64 Rp. 25.000,-
1DVD-ia64 64_itanium Rp. 25.000,-


Red Hat, Inc. has announced the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5.3, the latest update to the RHEL 5 series: "Red Hat, Inc. today announced the global availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3, featuring the latest open source, commercial-strength technology innovations. In the third update to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, customers will receive a wide range of enhancements, including significantly increased virtualization scalability, expanded hardware platform support and incorporation of OpenJDK Java technologies. Customers with a Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription will receive the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3 update, which is available for immediate download from Red Hat Network."

Introducing Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Platform, Advanced technologies are now available to everyone. Better availability. Flexibility. Improved security and performance.

Advanced Platform eliminates the cost and complexity of enterprise-class virtualization, high availability, and storage management software. These are included in the platform. Fully integrated and supported. Simple and afforable.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is available in two variants for servers. A base Red Hat Enterprise Linux server is designed for small deployments while Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Platform is designed for mainstream customers and provides the most cost-effective, flexible, and scalable environment. Both versions are based on common core technology. Both include a comprehensive suite of open source server applications and virtualization capabilities.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux server family details
View the purchasing guide
Also available:
Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Mainframe Computing
Subscriptions are available for IBM System Z systems on a per IFL basis.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for HPC Compute Nodes
Red Hat Enterprise Linux capabilities packaged for volume deployments in high performance computing applications.

The benefits of choosing Red Hat
A huge ecosystem of hardware and software partners, offering both services and certified solutions, makes Red Hat the industry leader. This powerful combination provides:

Thousands of certified applications from Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)
Hundreds of certified hardware systems and peripherals from leading OEM vendors, spanning multiple processor architectures
A range of partner programs
Comprehensive service offerings, up to 24x7 support with 1-hour response, available from Red Hat and selected ISV/OEM partners
Excellent performance, security, scalability, and availability, with audited industry benchmarks
Open source technologies rigorously tested and matured through the Red Hat sponsored Fedora project
With each major version, stable application interfaces and 7 years of product support
A homogeneous client/server product family that enables seamless inter-operation of systems from the laptop to the data-center to the mainframe. Plus, excellent interoperability with existing Unix and Microsoft® Windows® deployment.

TEENpup 2009 Legacy

Rp. 5000,-

TEENpup description

A desktop Linux distribution based on Puppy Linux

TEENpup is a Linux operating system based on Puppy Linux. Compared to its parent, TEENpup promises better desktop artwork, improved ease-of-use, and enhanced usability with additional applications:

- Digikam
- Showimg
- Kooka
- VLC Player
- Realplayer
- Gxine Player
- Kmymoney
- gtkpod
- VNview
- Kpdf
- XaraLX
- K3B
- Scribus
- Abiword
- Glabels
- Konqueror
- Qcad
- Madman
- Grip
- Audacity
- heroes
- gtkpool
- kpat
- kpoker
- and a whole lot more.

TEENpup 2009 Legacy was created for the PC User who has 1 or 2 computers at home who wants to do the same basic things most Windows user's do. While it includes applications to allow it to be connected to a office network, TEENpup is aimed more at the home user and not the small business user and has not been tested extensively in a business environment. The main advantage over Windows and some of the bigger Linux distro's out there is speed. Once you get use to TEENpup, you won't be able to stand the waiting for applications to open anymore like you did in the past.

Here are some key features of "TEENpup":

· The Biggest Improvement will be ease of use over TEENpup 2.14 Just click on a media file and 95% of the time VLC Player will open and play that file. Click on a PDF File and Kpdf viewer will open. The same goes with JPEG's etc. It's all about making an Operation System that can be used by non technical User's ever day.
· 95% of Windows Media supported EG: Flash, Java, AVI, MP4, MP3, MPEG, WMA, QUICKTIME, REALMEDIA plus more.
· Watch Encrypted DVD's
· Edit many different media formats
· Run TEENpup Live from CD or Install it to your Hard Drive in under 15 Minutes
· Runs well on old pentium III 800Mhz 128MB of RAM PC's, even better on current PC's
· Burn your favourite media to CD/DVD, Download your favorite music with Frostwire.
· Transfer and View your favourite Photo's from your Digital Camera. Run a Slideshow.
· Surf the Net without a worrying about virus's, spyware, malware.
· Write Letters, Spreadsheets, Publish documents.
· Draw and Paint with the large number of Applications that come standard on the CD
· Very Good Printer Support
· Open and view PDF's, DjVu, Doc, XLS Documents plus a whole lot more.
· Run 2 TEENpup 2008 PC's off one Broadband Modem designed to only work with one PC.


· 500Mhz CPU (Processor)
· 192Mb RAM
· 20x CD-ROM Drive that can be booted from

What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· This time TEENpup has grown to just under 700MB so that it will fit on a CD. As the focus for TEENpup has shifted to a Modern Operating System for older PCs which most likely only came with a CD Drive, it was felt that a 700MB size limit should be adhere to.

· Also to attract users from Windows TEENpup default color scheme has been modeled on some of Vista's coloring. Also the way the menu Applications are worded might seem too simplistic for the average Linux User. It was felt that to win over new users; TEENpup's Applications had to be as easy to access as was possible. To someone new to Linux and coming across for example Applications called GIMP, ROX , GAMBAS, KAFFEINE to name a few, might be put off even opening them and it was felt that what an Application did was more important than its name.

· So this now leads me to some of the Applications included in this release. It was felt that Open Office should be included with its Help Manual as well as being the latest version at time of release ( 3.1 ) as a large number of users, use a PC for Writing, Spreadsheets and Presentations and anything less wouldn't do. KDE's similar Office Applications have been removed. A number of new KDE Applications have been added. Also Pdrive's USB auto mount daemon has been turned on by default, detecting most USB devices that are plugged in. A lot of time has been spent fine tuning little details that make it easier for the average user to use TEENpup.

· Example: Seamonkey will recognize most common attachments in emails and open them when you click on them. No more searching through "bin" folders for the executables, which wouldn't be a hard thing to do for a seasoned Linux user where as a Linux Newbie would fine it almost impossible.

· Those familiar with some of the Applications included in this release will find them to be an older version than is currently available, why? Well the main reasons are because their smaller, have less dependency and due to these reasons run faster on old Hardware and finally I can fit more of them in the iso. Some users will feel I left out an Application which they felt should have been in TEENpup, well a lot of testing of different Applications was done over the last 15 months and for one reason or another it was decided to leave that Application out.

· To those trying this release of TEENpup, I hope you find it modern, useful, reliable and most of all user friendly. Enjoy!

ClarkConnect 4.3 / 5.0 - rc1

Rp. 15.000,-

ClarkConnect 4.3, a specialist server and gateway distribution based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, has been released: "ClarkConnect Server and Gateway Community edition 4.3 is now available.

What's new? The Office edition and Enterprise edition products have now merged! Unlimited mailboxes are now included in the Enterprise edition and this includes full groupware support.

The full list of changes is available in the developer change log -- highlights include: Groupware support in webmail, OpenVPN for road warriors, system processes viewer, mail queue manager, RAID manager, default security keys for users, remote backup (beta).

Known issues: blank screens on first boot with some types of hardware; some legacy Dell/MegaRAID RAID cards are not supported; localization is incomplete.

Vixta Aero 3D 2009

1 KEMASAN (2CD) Rp. 20.000,-

Vixta Aero menggunakan distribusi Fedora Linux sebagai basis dan meniru sedapat mungkin seluruh lingkungan penggunaan Vista dengan perbedaan seminimal mungkin. Bagi pengguna Fedora yang ingin tampil seperti Vista, Vixta Aero merupakan pilihan yang tepat.

Sudah tentu, Vixta Aero tetap merupakan sistem operasi merdeka, Open Source dan saat ini tersedia mendukung bahasa Inggris, Spanyol dan Portugis.

Lingkungan desktop yang digunakan adalah KDE, mengemas semua aplikasi untuk hari-hari seperti Firefox web browser untuk berselancar di Internet, OpenOffice.org untuk menunjang aktifitas perkantoran, Kaffeine sebagai media player untuk memutar hiburan, GIMP untuk urusan grafis, K3b untuk membakar CD dan DVD dan Amarok sebuah music player yang banyak digemari...

Memiliki antarmuka tiga dimensi (3D) yang meniru mimik dari Windows Vista Aero 3D interface termasuk taskbar, icons, widgets dan lainnya...

Versi terkini Vixta Aero 3D 2009 CD membawa beberapa fitur baru mendukung:
  • MobaLiveCD
  • Centrino 2
  • OpenOffice 3.0

Vixta.org description

Vixta.org is a Fedora-based Linux distribution designed to be user-friendly and eye-catching, similar in look and feel to Vista.

Vixta.org project aims to be a Fedora-based Linux distribution designed to be user-friendly and eye-catching, similar in look and feel to Windows Vista.

Here are some key features of "Vixta.org":

· Absolutly free, in every sense.
· spread linux to the "masses".
· ABN - Absolutly No Config.
· User-Frendly.
· Eye-catching.
· Familiar lokk and Feel.

What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· OpenOffice 3
· Firefox 3
· Java, Skype and MSN
· VLC Multimedia Player
· Mobile 3G Tools

KDE 4 Live CD 1.2.4

@ Rp. 10.000,-

KDE 4 Live CD 1.2.4 description

KDE Live CD is a live Linux distribution which contains the KDE 4 development release.

KDE Live CD is a live Linux distribution which contains the KDE 4 development release.

KDE is a powerful Free Software graphical desktop environment for Linux and Unix workstations. It combines ease of use, contemporary functionality, and outstanding graphical design with the technological superiority of the Unix operating system.

KDE is a network transparent contemporary desktop environment for UNIX workstations. KDE seeks to fill the need for an easy to use desktop for Unix workstations, similar to the desktop environments found under the MacOS or Microsoft Windows. We believe that the UNIX operating system is the best operating system available today. In fact UNIX has been the undisputed choice of the information technology professional for many years.

When it comes to stability, scalability and openness there is no competition to UNIX. However, the lack of an easy to use contemporary desktop environment for UNIX has prevented UNIX from finding its way onto the desktops of the typical computer user in offices and homes. UNIX dominates the server market and is the preferred computing platform for computing professional and scientists.

Without UNIX the internet would not be. But UNIX did not address the needs of the average computer user. This fact is particularly unfortunate since a number of implementations of UNIX (Debian GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD etc.) are freely available on the internet. All of which are of exceptional quality and stability.

What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· The 1.2.4 Live-CD contains KDE 4.2.4, Amarok 2.1, Digikam, K3b (devel), KDevelop (devel), KTorrent - and more.

Kuliax 6.0 (bakpia)

Rp. 5.000,-

Kuliax adalah sebuah distribusi Linux untuk pendidikan di Universitas, khususnya Program Studi Teknologi Informasi (TI) atau yang berhubungan seperti Teknik Elektro (TE) konsentrasi Sistem Komputer dan Informatika, Teknik Informatika (TF), Ilmu Komputer (IK), dan lain-lain. Walaupun begitu, distro ini dapat digunakan pula pada Program Studi/Jurusan lain yang membutuhkan perangkat lunak untuk melakukan komputasi seperti Statistik dengan R-base, Pemodelan dengan Octave, dan lain-lain. Versi ini merupakan hasil usaha survei yang cukup mendalam dan penyesuaian dengan kurikulum/silabus Program Studi Teknologi Informasi.

Kuliax merupakan implementasi pertama dari rencana Kuliax Project, sebuah proyek untuk membawa Linux dan Perangkat Lunak Bebas dan Open Source (PLBOS) ke dunia pendidikan di Universitas. Diharapkan distro ini bisa menjadi dasar bagi pengembangan-pengembangan selanjutnya baik teknis seperti distro untuk tiap Program Studi/Jurusan atau aplikasi pendidikan, dan non teknis seperti pembuatan dokumentasi, pameran, seminar, workshop, dst.

Kami sebagai pengembang awal dari Kuliax menyadari bahwa Kuliax 6.0 masih banyak kekurangan, untuk itu kami mengajak para pengembang Linux/PLBOS untuk bergabung, bekerjasama dan berkolaborasi dalam proyek komunitas ini.

Laporan 'kutu', diskusi, dan pengembangan dapat dilakukan di milis kuliax@googlegroups.com.

Persyaratan Sistem

  • Komputer kelas 486 ke atas.

  • Memori 32 MB untuk mode teks dan 96 MB untuk mode grafis (direkomendasikan 128 MB).

  • CD-ROM drive yang dapat di-boot.

  • Kartu Grafis standar SVGA.

  • Mouse standar baik serial, PS/2, atau USB, untuk mode grafis.


Tidak ada jaminan bahwa perangkat lunak yang ada dalam CD ini berjalan pada komputer Anda. Kuliax Project tidak bertanggung jawab atas resiko kerusakan yang _mungkin_bisa_ diakibatkan oleh perangkat lunak ini.

Menjalankan Kuliax 6.0

Untuk menjalankan Kuliax 6.0, Anda harus mengeset BIOS pada komputer agar CDROM menjadi perangkat yang di-boot pertama kali. Setelah konfigurasi BIOS disimpan, masukkan CD Kuliax 6.0 ke CDROM drive, dan reboot.

Permintaan CD Kuliax 6.0

Selain bisa diunduh secara langsung dari server 'cermin' terdekat, Kuliax 6.0 dapat pula diperoleh dengan cara mengirim permintaan via e-mail ke request@kuliax.duniasemu.org, dengan menyertakan nama lengkap, alamat, nomor telepon, dan pernyataan kesanggupan menjadi "cermin" bagi kawan-kawan yang membutuhkan di kota peminta. Anda perlu bersabar untuk mendapat konfirmasi dari kami, karena dana yang digunakan untuk pembuatan dan pengiriman CD berasal dari kantong pribadi :-).

Desain Kuliax 6.0

  • Berbentuk LiveCD

  • Berbasis Debian GNU/Linux testing/unstable dan KNOPPIX

  • Diarahkan ke penggunaan Linux Desktop

  • Berisi aplikasi lengkap yang umum digunakan: perkantoran, multimedia, produktivitas, perkakas, ...

  • Berisi aplikasi yang digunakan di dunia pendidikan khususnya TI/TE/TF/IK/...

  • Aplikasi dan sistem yang disesuaikan dengan silabus/kurikulum (TI)

  • Penyesuaian dengan lingkungan kampus, misal: akses jaringan nirkabel via hotspot, berarti membutuhkan driver dan utilitas wifi, dst

  • Adaptasi/modifikasi lainnya, sebagian besar merupakan peningkatan dan menonjolkan karakteristik distro

Spesifikasi Sistem

  • Kernel Linux 2.6.18 --dengan 'tambalan' -ck, bootsplash, UML skas-- dikonfigurasi, dioptimasi untuk komputer 486 ke atas dan kebutuhan Linux Desktop

  • Dukungan banyak perangkat keras (2.6.18)

  • Cloop dan UnionFS

  • HAL, DBUS, Udev, hwsetup-ng

  • Dukungan ACPI, laptop, hibernate/suspend, deteksi perangkat keras otomatis, DMA diaktifkan secara default, LVM, Bluez, IrDa, NFS, Samba, ...

  • Dukungan Sistem Berkas: ext2, ext3, Reiserfs, FAT, FAT32, NTFS read/write via ntfs-3g, JFS, XFS, OCFS2, ROMFS, MINIX, AutoFS, FUSE, ...

  • Dukungan driver wireless: acx100/acx111, at76c50x, bcm203x, ipw2100, ipw2200, linux-wlan-ng, madwifi, ndiswrapper, rt2400, rt2500, rt2570, rt2x00, zd1211

  • Bootloader: GRUB

  • X Server: XOrg 7.1

Daftar Aplikasi

Aplikasi-aplikasi yang disertakan di Kuliax 6.0:

  • Lingkungan Desktop: KDE 3.5.5

  • Internet: Akregator, Gaim 2.0, KFTPGrabber 0.8.0, KMail, Iceweasel 2.0 (Firefox)

  • Grafis: XMRM, Gwenview, ImageMagick, Inkscape 0.44.1, The Gimp 2.2.13, autotrace, gif2png, qiv, xaos, xfig

  • Multimedia: XMMS 1.2.10+plugins, (K)MPlayer, VCD tools, Audacity, Kino 0.92+plugins, dvgrab, k3b, sox

  • Perkantoran: OpenOffice.org 2.0.4

  • Pembaca Berkas: KPDF, KchmViewer

  • Brainstorming: Freemind 0.8.0

  • Kamus: StarDict 2.4.8, database bahasa Inggris-Indonesia

  • Printing: CUPS+driver

  • Wireless: ndiswrapper, wireless-tools, wlassistant, wpasupplicant

  • Bahasa Pemrograman:

    • LISP: CLISP 2.4.1

    • PHP: PHP4 dan PHP5

    • Assembler: nasm 0.98.38

    • C/C++: GCC 4.1.1

    • Haskell: Hugs 98.200503.08

    • Java: Sun Java 5.0

    • Pascal: Freepascal 2.0.0

    • Perl: Perl 5.8.8

    • Prolog: SWI-Prolog 5.6.14

    • Python: Python 2.4.4

    • Scheme: Guile 1.6.8

    • Smalltalk: GNU Smalltalk 2.1.8

    • Tcl/Tk: Tcl/Tk 8.4

  • Pengembangan: CVS, KDevelop 3.3.5 (IDE), Motor 3.4.0 (IDE), autoconf, automake, distcc, gdb, make, ncurses, whiptail 0.52.2

  • Keamanan: GNUPG 1.4.5, dsniff, nmap, outguess

  • Jaringan: BIND9, DHCP3 server/client, arpwatch, bridge-utils, etherwake, fping, htb-gen, iftop, iproute, iptables, iptraf, krdc, krfb, mtr, netcat, netpipe-tcp, openssh, scli, shaper (CBQ), sipcalc, stunnel, tcpdump, tcpwrapper, telnet-ssl, vpnc, vsftpd

  • Simulator Jaringan: cnet

  • Organisasi dan Arsitektur Komputer: GNU MIX Development Kit

  • Sistem Operasi: UserModeLinux, VisualOS, qemu

  • Web Server: Apache 2.2.3

  • Database: MySQL 5.0.27, SQLite 3.3.8, sqlitebrowser 1.3

  • Rekayasa Perangkat Lunak: ArgoUML, GanttProject, sloccount

  • Elektronika dan Digital/Mikroprosesor: gnusim8085, gpsim, ktechlab, sdcc, tkgate, uisp

  • Matematika dan Pemodelan: GNUPLOT, Octave

  • Statistik dan Data Mining: R-base, RKWard

  • Perkakas: abakus, bc, ethtool, fdisk/cfdisk, knetworkconf, ksysguard, mc, qtparted, rsync, screen, synaptic, vrms

  • E-Book: Buku Sistem Operasi buatan Masyarakat Digital Gotong Royong (MDGR), dalam Bahasa Indonesia

Daftar aplikasi lengkap bisa dilihat di Package Manager lewat Menu K-Kuliax-Utilities-Package Management atau dengan perintah pada Konsole: `dpkg -l`.

Aplikasi Non-Free

Aplikasi Non-Free yang disertakan dalam Kuliax menurut program `vrms`:

Non-free packages installed on kuliax

bluez-firmware Firmware for Bluetooth devices
giflib3g shared library for GIF images (runtime lib)
madwifi-modules-2.6.18-kl modules for the Multiband Atheros Driver for WiFi (ker
mozilla-flash-player7-bin Macromedia Flash Player (plugin)
sun-java5-bin Sun Java(TM) Runtime Environment (JRE) 5.0
sun-java5-demo Sun Java(TM) Development Kit (JDK) 5.0 demos and examp
sun-java5-fonts Lucida TrueType fonts (from the Sun JRE)
sun-java5-jdk Sun Java(TM) Development Kit (JDK) 5.0
sun-java5-jre Sun Java(TM) Runtime Environment (JRE) 5.0
sun-java5-plugin The Java(TM) Plug-in, Java SE 5.0
zd1211-firmware Firmware images for the zd1211 wireless driver

11 non-free packages, 1.1% of 1002 installed packages.

Roadmap Kuliax Project Selanjutnya

  • Aplikasi pusat pembelajaran: lrc-1.0

  • Perbaikan, peningkatan dan optimasi sistem/aplikasi

  • I18n/l10n: KDE 4.x (ID-KDE), ...

  • Mengajak komunitas untuk bergabung: pengembang, pemaket, desain grafis, tester, penulis dokumentasi, ...

  • Mengumpulkan/membuat dokumentasi/buku sistem, aplikasi, dan materi perkuliahan. Seperti buku Sistem Operasi yang dibuat oleh Mr. Ibam dan tim dari UI

  • Membuat link komunikasi antar jurusan atau universitas lewat milis, forum, produk PLBOS, konferensi, seminar, kompetisi, dll.

PC-BSD 7.1

Rp. 15.000,-

The PC-BSD Team is pleased to announce the availability of PC-BSD 7.1, with an updated FreeBSD 7.2 - PreRelease under the hood and the latest KDE 4.1.3.

Version 7.0.2 contains a number of bugfixes and improvements. For a full list of changes, please refer to the changelog. Some of the changes are:

  • KDE 4.1.3
  • Improved desktop performance with Nvidia Cards
  • Improved NTFS write support
  • HAL fixes and improvements
  • Installation bugfixes

This version of PC-BSD can be downloaded and installed as a fresh install or, alternatively, can be updated to from PC-BSD 7.0.1 via the System Update tool or via a stand-alone PBI .


FreeBSD 7.2

Rp. 25.000,-

The FreeBSD Release Engineering Team is pleased to announce the availability of FreeBSD 7.2-RELEASE. This is the third release from the 7-STABLE branch which improves on the functionality of FreeBSD 7.1 and introduces some new features. Some of the highlights:
  • support for fully transparent use of superpages for application memory
  • support for multiple IPv4 and IPv6 addresses for jails
  • csup(1) now supports CVSMode to fetch a complete CVS repository
  • Gnome updated to 2.26, KDE updated to 4.2.2
  • sparc64 now supports UltraSparc-III processors

For a complete list of new features and known problems, please see the online release notes and errata list, available at:

For more information about FreeBSD release engineering activities, please see: