TEENpup 2009 Legacy

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TEENpup description

A desktop Linux distribution based on Puppy Linux

TEENpup is a Linux operating system based on Puppy Linux. Compared to its parent, TEENpup promises better desktop artwork, improved ease-of-use, and enhanced usability with additional applications:

- Digikam
- Showimg
- Kooka
- VLC Player
- Realplayer
- Gxine Player
- Kmymoney
- gtkpod
- VNview
- Kpdf
- XaraLX
- K3B
- Scribus
- Abiword
- Glabels
- Konqueror
- Qcad
- Madman
- Grip
- Audacity
- heroes
- gtkpool
- kpat
- kpoker
- and a whole lot more.

TEENpup 2009 Legacy was created for the PC User who has 1 or 2 computers at home who wants to do the same basic things most Windows user's do. While it includes applications to allow it to be connected to a office network, TEENpup is aimed more at the home user and not the small business user and has not been tested extensively in a business environment. The main advantage over Windows and some of the bigger Linux distro's out there is speed. Once you get use to TEENpup, you won't be able to stand the waiting for applications to open anymore like you did in the past.

Here are some key features of "TEENpup":

· The Biggest Improvement will be ease of use over TEENpup 2.14 Just click on a media file and 95% of the time VLC Player will open and play that file. Click on a PDF File and Kpdf viewer will open. The same goes with JPEG's etc. It's all about making an Operation System that can be used by non technical User's ever day.
· 95% of Windows Media supported EG: Flash, Java, AVI, MP4, MP3, MPEG, WMA, QUICKTIME, REALMEDIA plus more.
· Watch Encrypted DVD's
· Edit many different media formats
· Run TEENpup Live from CD or Install it to your Hard Drive in under 15 Minutes
· Runs well on old pentium III 800Mhz 128MB of RAM PC's, even better on current PC's
· Burn your favourite media to CD/DVD, Download your favorite music with Frostwire.
· Transfer and View your favourite Photo's from your Digital Camera. Run a Slideshow.
· Surf the Net without a worrying about virus's, spyware, malware.
· Write Letters, Spreadsheets, Publish documents.
· Draw and Paint with the large number of Applications that come standard on the CD
· Very Good Printer Support
· Open and view PDF's, DjVu, Doc, XLS Documents plus a whole lot more.
· Run 2 TEENpup 2008 PC's off one Broadband Modem designed to only work with one PC.


· 500Mhz CPU (Processor)
· 192Mb RAM
· 20x CD-ROM Drive that can be booted from

What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· This time TEENpup has grown to just under 700MB so that it will fit on a CD. As the focus for TEENpup has shifted to a Modern Operating System for older PCs which most likely only came with a CD Drive, it was felt that a 700MB size limit should be adhere to.

· Also to attract users from Windows TEENpup default color scheme has been modeled on some of Vista's coloring. Also the way the menu Applications are worded might seem too simplistic for the average Linux User. It was felt that to win over new users; TEENpup's Applications had to be as easy to access as was possible. To someone new to Linux and coming across for example Applications called GIMP, ROX , GAMBAS, KAFFEINE to name a few, might be put off even opening them and it was felt that what an Application did was more important than its name.

· So this now leads me to some of the Applications included in this release. It was felt that Open Office should be included with its Help Manual as well as being the latest version at time of release ( 3.1 ) as a large number of users, use a PC for Writing, Spreadsheets and Presentations and anything less wouldn't do. KDE's similar Office Applications have been removed. A number of new KDE Applications have been added. Also Pdrive's USB auto mount daemon has been turned on by default, detecting most USB devices that are plugged in. A lot of time has been spent fine tuning little details that make it easier for the average user to use TEENpup.

· Example: Seamonkey will recognize most common attachments in emails and open them when you click on them. No more searching through "bin" folders for the executables, which wouldn't be a hard thing to do for a seasoned Linux user where as a Linux Newbie would fine it almost impossible.

· Those familiar with some of the Applications included in this release will find them to be an older version than is currently available, why? Well the main reasons are because their smaller, have less dependency and due to these reasons run faster on old Hardware and finally I can fit more of them in the iso. Some users will feel I left out an Application which they felt should have been in TEENpup, well a lot of testing of different Applications was done over the last 15 months and for one reason or another it was decided to leave that Application out.

· To those trying this release of TEENpup, I hope you find it modern, useful, reliable and most of all user friendly. Enjoy!