BerryLinux 0.96

1CD LIVE& INSTALL Rp. 10.000,-

Product Details

Description (from the Berry Project):
Berry Linux is a bootable CD that features, automatic hardware detect-ion. It supports many graphics cards, sound cards, SCSI, USB, and oth-er peripherals. Berry Linux can be used as a Linux demo, Educational CD, or a rescue system. You can try it out without touching your hard drive. If you like it, there is an option to install Berry Linux on your hard disk. (Needs 1.7GB) Berry Linux 0.96 is based on Red Hat Fedora 10.

On-Disk.com took Berry Linux .96 for a ride and were very impressed. Among the reasons we liked it so much are:

  1. The desktop is one of the nicest KDE4 implementations we have encountered. We found it very clean and surprisingly fast compared to most we have tried up to this point.
  2. OpenOffice 3 is pre-installed, along with TextMaker (Word) and PlanMaker(Excell) from SoftMaker Office.
  3. If you like an expanded repatuar also included are Wine (to run software created for Microsoft Windows), and ZSNES, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System emulator. Pacman is in the games menu which open in ZSNES, and worked quite well. If that weren't enough, PCXF-df, a nice Playstation emulator is also included.
  4. Includes KPPP and QPmon for dialup connections. More and more distributions are dropping dialup support, however there are still a great many who live or vacation in more remote areas where using a dialup connection is the only option.
New features:
  • Minimum Linux enviroment is available by using Berry Linux Mini.
  • Its file size is very small. (148.0MB)
  • It's light. Because of the Window Manager is Fluxbox.
  • You can enjoy comfortable Linux enviroment.
  • Support for Kernel-2.6. ALSA, ACPI, selinux.
  • Overlay Filesystem Support.
  • Berry Linux is not necessary to install. (Root partition is in the ramdisc using initrd, all commands are operated by being transfered from CD-ROM)
  • Install without parting patitions on Windows to use install.bat. (Using cloop/loopback device)
  • It's possible to install Berry Linux on hard disk. (Use Berry Linux Installer or Copy under /BERRY/, and set up LILO)
  • Berry Linux can boot from USB-HDD/memory.
  • Berry Linux uses WHIZ, a very sharp Kana-Kanji conversion system. (WHIZ Project)
  • Automatically recognizes USB storage, and show icons.
  • Berry Linux uses free Japanese True Type Fonts.
  • Berry Linux uses bootsplash when booting.
  • Berry Linux uses DHCP to connect the Network. (If you'd like to use PPPoE, you should setting up it on the Terminal)
  • It's possible to save personal setting.
  • Red Hat Fedora compatible.
  • Using new technologies.
  • You can listen to mp3 using XMMS, and play DVD/DivX using MPlayer and XINE.
  • You can edit files of Microsoft Word, Excel by OpenOffice.