1 DVD 32BIT INSTALL Rp. 15.000,-
1 DVD 64BIT INSTALL Rp. 15.000,-

Ultimate Edition 2.1 is built based off Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex (upgraded and software pre-installed by hand), it is w/o a doubt gorgeous. Released a 32 bit & 64 Bit, but if you have a 64 bit processor we highly recommend the 64 bit edition.

This release has all the goodies pre-added you have came to love with previous editions & a few new ones. This release has a newer kernel & all updated as of release date pre-installed for your convenience. Oh yeah, Compiz Fusion works right off the live DVD w/o drivers ;). Open Office 3, XBMC, Amarok 2 & Amarok 1.44 <<-this is gone starting Jaunty (not my decision theirs pulseaudio comes to mind).

This release also includes the newest KDE along with my newest "Ultamaix" integrated. Something missing? Ultamatix will take care of it for you 90% of the time. Starting next release will enter the world of Ubiquity (your installer) & will do so utilizing update manager (perfection), time permitting.

Ultimate Edition 2.1 dirilis dan tersedia untuk arsitektur 32 dan 64 bit.