Vinux 1.4

1 CD LIVE - INSTALL - Rp. 10.000,-

Latest release: VINUX 1.4 - Mar 24, 2009

Today, Thursday 21 May 2009


* The aim of this project is to develop a new alternative / blindfriendly live-CD / installer for people with visual impairments. The current release is based on the Ubuntu Linux distribution.
* VINUX (Vinux Is Not Ubuntu but gnu/linuX) is a remaster of the Intrepid Ibex live CD optimised for the needs of blind and partially sighted users!
* It is designed to boot from a live CD or USB memory stick, with autodetecting and starting up your USB braille-display, log you in automatically and then start up the Orca screen-reader.
* You can use VINUX as a portable operating system or you can install it to your hard drive either alongside or as a replacement for Windows.
* In order to fit all of the accessibility settings on the CD I have had to remove some applications including: The GIMP graphical image manipulation program, the F-Spot photo-manager and the Ekiga voice over IP package. You can easily reinstall these and many more open-source applications if you choose to install it on your hard-drive.
* Full-screen magnification can be activated with a simple keystroke!
* I have set up a VINUX Development Blog at http://vinux-development.blogspot.com/ for anyone who is interested! I will use this to document the development of VINUX and any relevant issues so that anyone who wants to create their own accessible remix of Ubuntu, or just modify their existing installation can do so easily. There is an RSS feed available if anyone wants to be automatically notified of new posts. I will still post any significant announcements such as the release of new versions and/or notable improvements on the mailing lists and forums, as well as continuing to asking for help, advice and suggestions and providing them when I can. Thanks again for everyone's support, advice, suggestions and criticisms!
* Disclaimer: the Ubuntu name and logos are owned by Canonical and we wish to make it very clear that although Vinux is derived from Ubuntu, it is not produced by or officially endorsed by Canonical in any way. Vinux was provisionally released as Vibuntu, but after discussions with the Canonical Trademark Team who did not want us to use the 'buntu' suffix, (but were happy for us to call it the 'Ubuntu VI Remix') we decided to call it Vinux which now recursively stands for 'Vinux Is Not Ubuntu but gnu/linuX!


* This project is Free Software.
* Works of the VINUX Project are released under the GNU General Public License.


* This project is owned / initiated by Tony Sales
* and supported by Osvaldo La Rosa from the BLinuxman.net Project.