Rp. 20.000,-

Bluewhite64 12.2, created by Attila Craciun. Bluewhite64 Linux is a port of the Slackware distribution, to the x86_64 architecture, that offers advanced features and improved performance. Just like Slackware 12.2, the new version of Bluewhite64 is now powered by version of the Linux kernel, which offers features such as encrypted and journaling filesystems, support for RAID (ATA and S-ATA) volumes, Software RAID, support for S-ATA drives and LVM (Logical Volume Manager).

"This version of Bluewhite64 Linux combines Bluewhite64's simplicity (and close tracking of original sources), stability, and security with some of the latest advances in Linux technology. Expect no less than the best Bluewhite64 Linux yet." - said Attila Craciun in the official release announcement.

A large number of packages have been updated and new features made their way into this release. Among them we can notice the ability to install Bluewhite64 via Samba shares, power management utilities, SQlite, a wireless and wired network manager, K Desktop Environment (KDE) 3.5.10, XFCE 4.4.3 desktop environment, Mozilla Firefox 3.0.4, Mozilla Thunderbird, Seamonkey 1.1.13, KMail 1.9.9 and many more.

Bluewhite64 12.2 also includes better support for LVM (Logical Volume Manager), RAID and cryptsetup; enhanced HAL support, which will allow system administrators to add users to the plugdev and cdrom groups; support for NFS, FTP and HTTP installations. Bluewhite64 12.2 can be deployed on multi-core or single 64-bit AMD64 Sempron, Opteron, Turion, Athlon, Phenom and Intel EM64T based servers and workstations.